Welcome to See Photography, the lifestyle portraiture and wedding photography website of Brisbane photographers Jen and Doug Paroz.  We're lifelong Brisbane kids with a mild obsession for collecting unloved instruments, homeless old film cameras and retro treasures.  Not yet at hoarder status (although some would argue), I would call us enthusiastic collectors. Our photography style is best described as natural lifestyle portraiture, with a nostalgic undertone.  We are parents to four rowdy kids so that keeps us busy when we're not out shooting or at computers.  We love nature and respect it.  We treasure handmade, keepsakes and items crafted with love.  If you have hopes of having a professional photographer shoot your family or event and are freaking out about having your photo taken or people looking at you, I totally get it.  I meet a lot of people who tell me how awkward cameras make them feel and I will always do my best to make beautiful images for you whilst making sure that our time together is spent having fun and not freaking out.  Let's meet over coffee and over-share about life, love, family and photography :)


Our clients are...

looking for natural, honest, documentary, yet artistic images.

people who sometimes don't mind being a little adventurous.

appreciative of family history, the telling of a family story, and the relationship between people and place.

wanting more than images on a dusty hard drive and value tactile and tangible photography.

believers in preserving images and creating keepsakes.




I'm a bit of a sentimental hippy who has spent the last 20 years (whoa where did THAT go!) pointing a camera at the things and people around me.  Printed antique family photos with pencil scratched on the back hold a special place in my heart and home. Finding people who also share this wonder and being able to provide photographs for them is the best part of my day.  When shooting for myself, I have a soft spot for architecture and quirky houses, vintage hand painted signage and the tiny things found in nature. I have a deep admiration for all the creative folk out there past and present who are responsible for making our world a prettier place. I tip my hat to them for their inspiration and resilience. 

When shooting for my clients, I look for natural beauty and intimate moments between people.  I'll also scout for an epic backdrop. I'm always on the lookout for fields and forests, buildings and cool places when we are out on our family adventures (well.. this is what I call it.  Some family members would beg to differ and describe our adventures as 'having to look at dumb old boring buildings'. Hmmm). 

After the shoot is over and and you made it out ok, a couple of weeks later you'll have the well deserved reward of seeing some lovely photos in a gallery made especially for you.  We love a good card stock around here and we really love things with a bit of natural texture and authenticity. Having your images printed is so important to us. Traditional mounted art prints in Italian leather satchels, classic wall art, custom albums and contemporary magazines are some of the treasured keepsakes we offer our clients.  All wedding packages include digital images on usb in a keepsake box (because we're not trying to change the world here, digital is here to stay!)



Doug joined the See Photography team in 2008 after moonlighting as second shooter at friend's wedding. Since then he has doubled as a trusty sidekick, technical support guy, time keeper, packhorse, professional driver, crowd controller, coffee runner, awesome dad and very patient husband. Doug has a long career in aviation and has experience in management and overseeing operations of large events. He is an experienced photographer in his own right with a particular interest in aerial photography and macro (all the details). He's also great at getting those lovely long exposures at a wedding. Doug is an awesome second shooter and is essential in the wedding toolkit. 


Big thanks to all of our clients who have shared their time with us. It's been our pleasure and privilege to photograph the lives and special events of families as they grow and change.